It is highly recommended that students with minimal digital drawing and design experience start with this course. This course is a prerequisite for our more advanced courses including Character Design 1, 2D Animation, Intro to Illustration and Creature Design.

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Peter Yong is a storyboard artist and character designer who has taught both character design and storyboarding at CDW Studios. Currently based in Brisbane, he has studied animation at the Queensland College of Art, but has gained extensive knowledge from working hard on the job, and learning from many great artists he has worked with. 

Peter has worked in both animation and game production and feels his most memorable work was for the platform video game 'Deblob 2'. He has worked for companies such as Disney Toon Studios, Cartoon Network, Pandemic, Defiant and Blue Tongue Entertainment.

Peter has a strong work ethic and credits comic artist Mark Bagley for telling him to always assess your improvement every 6 months. "If you haven't made significant improvement you need to change what you are doing (do classes, dedicate more time, whatever it is)...Easier said then done, but it has helped me over the years."

This course will introduce you to the basics of creating characters, and drawing digitally.

  • Construction, and drawing forms.
  • Drawing poses, faces and hands.
  • Communicating feeling through gesture.
  • Shape design and style.
  • Archetypes.
  • Basic rendering with colour to create a finished character.
  • 12 Weeks

    $950.00 AUD

  • Semester 2 2018

    July 23 - October 26

    Monday 6:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Semester 1 2019



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These classes will push your drawing, painting, modeling/texturing and design skills to the next level. During the courses you will learn how to how to use industry specific programs with a focus on building your portfolio/reel. You will get to see production techniques used in the industry in every class with the LIVE demos. Each CDW course is taught by working industry professionals who have worked for a range of international companies such as Disney, Blizzard Entertainment, Rising Sun Pictures, WETA, Wizards of the Coast and LEGO just to name a few.