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Sat­ur­day 21st August — 1pm-3pm

Inter­est­ed in study­ing with us? Find out more about the Bach­e­lor of Cre­ative Arts (Visu­al Effects & Enter­tain­ment Design) — deliv­ered with Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty — at our annu­al open day! 

CDW Stu­dios in con­junc­tion with Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty offer a 3 year full time Bach­e­lor of Cre­ative Arts (Visu­al Effects and Enter­tain­ment Design) degree. The degree fea­tures all instruc­tors, live demos and one-on-one indus­try feed­back that lead the way at CDW Stu­dios, but now you can do it as a full time Uni­ver­si­ty course with Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty. Stu­dents in the BCA (VEED) can choose either the 2D Con­cept, Game Art, VFX or Ani­ma­tion path­ways through­out the degree. 

Study­ing full time is the best way to fast track your career in the enter­tain­ment design and VFX indus­try. All class­es are taught by indus­try pro­fes­sion­als, ensur­ing stu­dents receive an indus­try rel­e­vant edu­ca­tion. With high­ly focused class­es in a relaxed learn­ing envi­ron­ment, CDW Stu­dios and Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty employs a ded­i­cat­ed but encour­ag­ing envi­ron­ment for stu­dents to devel­op their port­fo­lios and learn what it takes to become an indus­try professional.

General Course Structure

1st Year

COMS1001: Academic and Professional Communication

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED1400: Digital Fundamentals 1

CDW Bootcamp

VEED1402: Core Studio 1

CDW Workshop


CREA1001: Introduction to the Creative Arts (recommended) OR any VEED/SCME Level 1 Option Topic

VEED1003: Essential Multimedia

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED1401: Digital Fundamentals 2

CDW Bootcamp

VEED1403: Digital Principles 1

CDW Workshop


VEED1411: Production Project 1 (recommended) OR any VEED/SCME/CREA/INNO/VISA Level 1 Option Topic

2nd Year

VEED2108: Multimedia Production Part 1

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED2400: Digital Fundamentals 3

CDW Bootcamp

VEED2403: Digital Principles 2

CDW Workshop


VEED2421: Creative Production 2 (recommended) Includes CDW Workshop Or any VEED/SCME/CREA/INNO/VISA Level 2 Option Topic

VEED2109: Multimedia Production Part 2

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED2401: Digital Fundamentals 4

CDW Bootcamp

VEED2402: Core Studio 2

CDW Workshop


VEED2421: Creative Production 2 (recommended) Includes CDW Workshop Or any VEED/SCME/CREA/INNO/VISA Level 2 Option Topic

3rd Year

VEED3302: Digital Entertainment Production 2

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED3400: Research and Development 1

CDW Bootcamp

VEED3420: Creative Production 3

CDW Workshop


VEED2421: Creative Production 2 (recommended for those who haven’t completed VEED2421 or SCME2421) Includes CDW Workshop Or any VEED/SCME/CREA/INNO/VISA Level 3 Option Topic

VEED3301: Digital Entertainment Production 1

Delivered by Flinders University

VEED3401: Creative Practice

CDW Bootcamp

VEED3421: Creative Production 4

CDW Workshop


VEED3410: Research & Development 2 (recommended) Includes CDW Workshop Or any VEED/SCME/CREA/INNO/VISA Level 3 Option Topic


Manon Minck

The teachers at Flinders University and CDW Studios have always made time to help us find our own voice, style and stories to share with the world. I cannot take full credit for my successes, as my development has only been possible from the supportive team and classmates at Flinders University and CDW Studios.

Anthony Robinson

My time at CDW Studios and Flinders University has allowed me to focus 100% of my time on refining my skills set. The discipline I established through my time studying has grown in a way that I can confidently take my abilities and contribute to the entertainment industry.

Eleanor Kirkwood

Studying with Flinders University and CDW Studios has been an immeasurable boost to the quality and confidence of my work. The workshops, the feedback from lecturers, and the support to my projects as allowed me to progress in ways I was not able to before. I'm also far more confident in what I can do and in how I can continue to improve in the future.

BCA-VEED Degree Features

Multiple Pathways

2D, 3D, Game Art, VFX and Animation Pathways. This means you can build your portfolio to match the career pathway of your choice.

Industry Instructors

Learn from world class industry professionals. These local and international artists and lecturers are here to support and guide you through your journey of becoming a professional artist.

Live Demonstrations

In every class at CDW Studios you will watch a live demonstration in class. We believe that this will give you the best skills possible to build your portfolio.

International Masterclasses

If you study the BCA (VEED) degree you are entitled to one free masterclass per year. Learn from some of the best 2D and 3D instructors in the world!

Hands on Workshops

Learn to draw, paint, design and 3d model in every class. This will develop your skills to work in a hands on studio environment. In each workshop you will receive feedback from our instructors.

Career Pathways

Recommended pathways in 2D, VFX & Game Art, Animation, VFX in Film. At CDW Studios/Flinders University we are here to assist you do break into the industry as soon as possible.


You won’t have to pay your fees up front if you an Australian citizen or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa. You can get a HECS-HELP loan for your student contribution portion of your University fees.

Student Study Areas

We have a designated study area for self-directed study. If you are travelling from interstate or overseas CDW Studios and Flinders University have multiple areas where you can work on your projects at any time.


CDW Stu­dios is com­mit­ted to help­ing you find the most appro­pri­ate edu­ca­tion­al path to meet your goals. Our advi­sors are artists who are trained to pro­vide artis­tic feed­back and sug­gest the best plan of action based on your indi­vid­ual situation.

Advice is avail­able via phone, Skype, or on-cam­pus appoint­ments. To sched­ule a tour and/​or appoint­ment, con­tact us and an advi­sor will con­tact you shortly.


The degree is offered through Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty. You’ll need to apply through SAT­AC.
Degree name: Bach­e­lor of Cre­ative Arts (Visu­al Effects and Enter­tain­ment Design), Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty. The course code that you need for SAT­AC is 224131. Although the degree is offered through Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty, we work in a strong part­ner­ship with CDW Stu­dios. Stu­dents doing this degree will be doing work­shops at CDW as part of their top­ics. Once you apply through SAT­AC you’ll need to com­plete your appli­ca­tion by send­ing a pack to Flinders con­tain­ing forms, a strong port­fo­lio, CV and cov­er letter. 


Always put the degree that you most want to get into first in your rank­ing, then at rank­ing 2 or 3 put in a degree that you are con­fi­dent that you will get into. If you don’t put the degree you most want to get into first you will be accept­ed into an alter­na­tive degree with­out ever know­ing if we accept­ed your port­fo­lio or not.



Make cer­tain that you sub­mit your port­fo­lio, we can­not con­sid­er your appli­ca­tion if you do not sub­mit the port­fo­lio. Put your best work in the port­fo­lio. Give us up to 10 pieces of your work. Send us 3D mod­els, ani­ma­tion, 2D pieces, VFX, fan art, draw­ings, sketch­es — any work that you are pas­sion­ate about.
Do not be afraid to try to get in, we are look­ing at many aspects of your work, it should show us what you would like to study.
Down­load the Bach­e­lor book above for more information.

Cur­ricu­lum Vitae & Cov­er Letter

You need to write this for your appli­ca­tion into the degree, please do not wor­ry if there is not much in it. We do not expect you to have worked in indus­try. Your cov­er let­ter should entail why you would like to do the degree and where you would like to take your career.


Duncan Li

I would say that the school is very intense, with many students around me striving to do their best and the instructors endlessly challenging you to push yourself. The workload can be heavy but I think it's more important to have a good outlook and not stress too much, as it is more valuable to get a small amount done at a high standard. The instructors are very supportive and understanding.

Rose Swincer

The reason I chose to study at CDW is because I believe they offer (hands down!) the best education in the entertainment industry in SA, if not Australia. And that's coming from someone who has been a tertiary student for quite a while. They're up to date with industry standards, the lecturers teach a wealth of knowledge and beyond, and the support is really humbling.

Cody Foreman

I chose to study at CDW with the hopes of making a career out of my passion, painting. When I first started this course I had no idea what concept art was, all I knew was that it was a combination of my favourite things; films, games and art! Being able to have 1 on 1 feedback with industry professionals helped me to gain confidence and improve faster than I ever thought I could.