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At CDW Stu­dios we strive to build long stand­ing rela­tion­ships with High Schools around Aus­tralia. Our High School Liai­son offi­cer is avail­able to run pre­sen­ta­tions at High Schools around Aus­tralia. Through­out the pre­sen­ta­tion you will learn about all aspects of work­shops and events that we have to offer at CDW Stu­dios. This will be fol­lowed by a dig­i­tal demon­stra­tion explor­ing the process and tech­niques we use in our work­shops to cre­ate art for the Enter­tain­ment Design indus­try using pro­fes­sion­al tools and tech­niques. This will give inter­est­ed stu­dents the infor­ma­tion that they need to take their careers in this direction.

For High Schools that require more in depth learn­ing, we also offer a pro­gram called Design­er in Res­i­dence’, which involves a one day per week vis­it from our High School Liai­son offi­cer to your school deliv­er­ing a dou­ble les­son in dig­i­tal art. This pro­gram is flex­i­ble and we do our best to work around your school. Please con­tact us to arrange a class!

High School Visits and Demos

A big part of the School Liaison job is giving CDW Presentations, either at CDW or your school. This will cover exactly what CDW and the Entertainment Industry is about and the courses we have on offer for your students, as we are still finding really skilled students that have not heard of us yet! These presentations are free and run for around 45 minutes, including videos, Q&A and a live digital painting demo. Schools that participate will receive a Holiday Workshop voucher for a promising student, which is valued at $120. *Note* If this presentation is being held at your school a projector or large screen with audio is required.

Designer in Residence

For high schools seeking more than 45 minutes with us, we also run another program called ‘Designer in Residence’. One day a week we visit a school and run a double lesson in digital art. This takes students through the thinking and doing process of creating concept art, tools and tricks of the trade, and builds on their knowledge of Photoshop, giving them an idea of what it takes to break into the highly competitive industry of VFX and entertainment design. Please contact CDW studios for more information.

The­bar­ton Senior Col­lege Partnership

CDW Stu­dios is work­ing close­ly with The­bar­ton Senior Col­lege to pre­pare stu­dents to work in the Enter­tain­ment Design indus­try. The shared edu­ca­tion pro­grams aim to help stu­dents devel­op rel­e­vant indus­try skills and prac­tices, prepar­ing them for the next step in their career. In addi­tion, they can act as a path­way for fur­ther edu­ca­tion such as the Bach­e­lor of Cre­ative Arts (Visu­al Effects and Enter­tain­ment Design) run by Flinders Uni­ver­si­ty and CDW Studios. 

Through­out the pro­grams, CDW Stu­dios pro­vides sup­port through resources and run­ning work­shops for stu­dents. Togeth­er we’re proud to pro­vide inno­v­a­tive pro­grams that gives stu­dents greater oppor­tu­ni­ties and a head start in the industry.

For more infor­ma­tion about this pro­gram, vis­it the The­bar­ton Senior Col­lege web­site

Call 8159 3100 to reg­is­ter for an infor­ma­tion session.


Alex Bellotti

3D Environment Artist
Big Ant Studios

I began the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design) degree without any digital art experience at all. The degree helped me figure the right fit for me (environment art) and follow it. Figuring out my career aspirations allowed me to have a clear goal for my study and therefore since that point I've felt myself improving at a quicker rate. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge and guidance I have received from this course.

Eleanor Kirkwood

2D Animator & Illustrator

Studying with Flinders University and CDW Studios has been an immeasurable boost to the quality and confidence of my work. The workshops, the feedback from lecturers, and the support to my projects as allowed me to progress in ways I was not able to before. I'm also far more confident in what I can do and in how I can continue to improve in the future.

Susanne Selvarajah

Storyboard Artist

I came from Norway to study with CDW Studios and Flinders University. It was a big move across the globe and I couldn't be happier with my choice to come here. I've gotten to meet so many amazing people through my degree that I can't wait to work with in the future, and studying under some of the best in the industry has been life-changing for me. The degree has given me room to improve on myself, my craft and to create connections I wouldn't have made back in Norway. I can't wait to get started on my career in animation and keep learning and growing!

Fabbio Timpano

3D Character Artist
Defiant Development

Studying the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design) was the best decision I made as an artist. I didn't know what I wanted to do 4+ years ago and Flinders University / CDW Studios provided all the reassurance I needed as a young artist.

Sarah Bicknell

Illustrator & Concept Artist

I wouldn't be at the skill level I am now or have the confidence I do today if it wasn't for my experience along with my teachers guidance at both Flinders University & CDW Studios. It has been challenging, but my art has grown drastically compared to when I started 4 years ago. This course has provided me with valuable knowledge into possible future careers, and has given me insight into my own journey and what I want to achieve for myself. I am proud I have made it this far, and look forward to what the future has in store.

Jasmine Steer

2D Artist
Mighty Kingdom

My time at CDW Studios and Flinders University has been one of the best experiences of my life and has proven to be a valuable choice to develop my skills and prepare myself for the industry. It's been amazing to have been taught by everyone at CDW Studios and Flinders, and to have the chance to be taught by international professionals in their Masterclasses!

Anh Le

Background Artist
Flying Bark Productions

Flinders University and CDW Studios have given me the space to help work out what I do and don't want to be as an artist, and the guidance and resources to help push me down those paths I want to pursue.

Alex Haynes-Hildyard

Studio Larrikin

BCA (VEED) is an incredible degree, with teachers who want nothing more than to push you to do your best. My experience in this degree has been fun, I've met many people who share similar passions to myself. My lecturers and teachers have continue to fuel my love for animation and digital art in general. I feel that from this degree I have been able to pick up many good drawing habits.

Jonathan Wenberg

Concept Artist
Rising Sun Pictures

I chose CDW Studios because I wanted a career in visual development. In my opinion there is no better way to learn than to learn from the Pros who can teach you the skill and the realities of working in the entertainment industry. Since I arrived at CDW I have grown not only as an artist but as a person as well. I’ve met friends that inspire and motivate me every day.

Nathan Elmer

Concept Artist
Flying Bark Productions

I chose to study at CDW after wanting to do that level of work through University. I got a taste of the travelling CDW workshops, and fortunately they set up a school in Adelaide so I was able to study there. I wanted to learn from professionals and be a part of the community at CDW Studios. Having the opportunity to meet so many people with similar interests and be trained by artists in the industry was really awesome.

Bradley Peacock

Mr X

The teachers at CDW Studios and Flinders University have been phenomenal over the last 4 years. They have been extremely supportive and have helped guide me towards what I am passionate about. They give us just enough freedom to explore our ideas whilst being able to teach us the skills necessary to find work in the industry.

Manon Minck

Visual Developer & Concept Artist

The teachers at Flinders University and CDW Studios have always made time to help us find our own voice, style and stories to share with the world. I cannot take full credit for my successes, as my development has only been possible from the supportive team and classmates at Flinders University and CDW Studios.

Alexander Tuma

Texture & Look Development Artist
Mr X

Studying at Flinders University and CDW Studios was fantastic. Having industry professionals come in and teach you, ensures that you are getting up to date industry knowledge and skills ready for employment. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting into the industry to take this course.

Gabrielle Pehlivanides

3D Modeller

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at CDW Studios and Flinders University. I have learnt from the best teachers who have supported me throughout my journey to become a great 3D modeler. The classes were small, which allowed for individual attention and for making great relationships with class mates and teachers alike.

Cameron Hanna

3D Character/Creature Modeller

Studying the Bachelor of Creative Arts (VEED) with CDW Studios and Flinders University helped me figure out the direction I wanted to head towards in terms of careers. With the guidance/assistance of their supportive lecturers and topic coordinators my experience was smooth and rewarding with knowledge of the industry and techniques to develop my sculpting skills.

Anthony Robinson

Creative Director
Golden Age Studios

My time at CDW Studios and Flinders University has allowed me to focus 100% of my time on refining my skills set. The discipline I established through my time studying has grown in a way that I can confidently take my abilities and contribute to the entertainment industry.

Duncan Li

Concept Artist
Self Employed