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International Masterclass with Jerad Marantz


Each master class is a 3-day intensive workshop which is taught by an artist at the top of their industry. CDW Studios regularly hold master class events throughout the year, and have previously had world class international artists such as James Paick, Kekai Kotaki, Jamie Jones, Ben Mauro, Kevin Chen and many others as master class instructors. Our international master classes see us bring out some of the best name’s in the industry out to Australia, exclusively to teach the event. The master class will allow students to view workflows, techniques, complete exercises, and receive feedback from the master class instructor for the duration of the event. The International Master Class is an opportunity for students to meet and learn from some of the most sought after artists in the industry, and presents itself as an invaluable experience for those who attend.

The master class will cover everything from tools (WACOM and software), how to begin a painting/design and the key steps to a successful result. Each day there will be a series of presentations and demonstrations, conducted live on stage backed by a huge projection screen and wide screen TV’s that give everyone a fantastic view of the instructor demonstrations. Students will then have the opportunity to apply these lessons in a series of exercises and assignments and receive one-on-one feedback from each master class instructor. These collaborative studio sessions will be a unique and interactive experience as students will have be able to look up from their laptop to watch the instructor on stage, while working on their own painting/design.

Jun 27 - Jun 29

Each Day
10:00AM - 6:00PM

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Jer­ad S. Marantz has been work­ing in the Film, Game and Tele­vi­sion indus­tries for over fif­teen years. Marantz start­ed his career at an ear­ly age intern­ing for Spe­cial FX hous­es. Try­ing a lit­tle of every­thing enabled him to nar­row his focus to character/​creature design. His acquired skills in sculp­ture, paint­ing, illus­tra­tion, Zbrush, and Pho­to­shop all aide his unique sense of design. 

Marantz’ s many Film cred­its include: Avengers: Infin­i­ty War, Avengers: Endgame, Spi­der­man: Far from Home, Jus­tice League, Dead­pool 2, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 and 2, XMEN: Age of Apoc­a­lypse, Bat­man vs. Super­man, Rise of the Plan­et of the Apes, West World, Grimm, Amer­i­can Hor­ror Sto­ry, Gears of War 4, Clash of the Titans (Lead Char­ac­ter Design­er), Suck­er Punch (Lead Char­ac­ter Design­er), Trans­form­ers: Dark Side of the Moon, Green Lantern, Avatar, Snow white and the Hunts­man, GI Joe: Retal­i­a­tion, The Amaz­ing Spi­der­man, and Rid­dick 3