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Intro to Art Foundations


Beginner level.

This course is for private students only.

Intro to art foundations is our workshop to help you create an art portfolio. Throughout this workshop you will be guided through how to use a tablet to create your digital art. The workshop will focus on developing a strong understanding of art foundations, such as perspective, anatomy and design. You will have two different instructors for the course, 6 weeks with D.M. Cornish where you will focus only learning drawing and anatomy skills and 6 weeks with CDW Studios director, Simon Scales, who will push your digital design skills, learning from the ground up. You will leave the course with the ability to develop your portfolio with strong fundamentals and apply for further art courses.

This cours­e is aimed at begin­ners and will give you the per­fect foun­da­tion for your art career.

Each week you will watch a demo of the instruc­tor paint­ing and drawing live, you are wel­come to follow along with the instruc­tor and ask ques­tions. After each class you will receive your home­work assign­ment for the week, and at the begin­ning of each class you will receive feed­back on your work.

Topics that will be covered throughout the 12 week workshop:

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Line, gesture & proportion
  • Form drawing, simplified anatomy
  • Perspective
  • Composition
  • Value and light
  • Basic colour theory
  • Design fundamentals

The hardware requirements for the workshop are:

  • Laptop (MacBook Pro or i7 PC laptop with 16GB RAM are recommended).
  • Wacom tablet. Any size is good.
  • Notepad and pens/pencils for note-taking.

Software requirements:

  • Photoshop

2019 - Semester 2
Aug 01 - Oct 31

10:00AM - 1:00PM

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Instructor Bio

Simon Scales

Simon Scales is a freelance video game concept artist and matte painter based in Australia. He is both the owner of CDW Studios as well as an instructor for various courses. Since 2000 Simon has provided key concept art and matte-paintings for the LEGO Group. He also worked on the game DeBlob 2: The Underground for THQ, and has developed concept art for numerous video game companies and publishers. These include End Game Studios and Blue Tongue Entertainment. Currently Simon is working on multiple IP's for CDW Studios.

Instructor Bio

D.M. Cornish

D. M. Cornish is a award winning fantasy author and illustrator from Adelaide, South Australia. His first book was Foundling, the first part of the Monster Blood Tattoo trilogy. The second book named Lamplighter was released in May 2008. The third in the series; The Foundling's Tale, Part Three: Factotum. He spent most of his childhood drawing, as well as most of his teenage and adult years as well. And by age eleven he had made his first book, called "Attack from Mars." It featured Jupitans and lots and lots of drawings of space battles.

He studied illustration at the University of South Australia, where he began to compile a series of notebooks, beginning with #1 in 1993. Over the next ten years he filled 23 journals with his pictures, definitions, ideas and histories of his world, the Half-Continent.

David now has illustrated numerous children’s books and worked as an illustrator within the advertising industry for the past 20 years. David teaches our instructed figure drawing workshop and also teaches, Character Design, Illustration and Bootcamp workshops.